The white bunny draws a gun
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Released August 2, 2008
  • Action
  • Slapstick
Running time
Language None
Part of the Bunnies series
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N/A The Barbaric Bunny Brawl

Bunnies, also referred to as Bunnies (with guns),[1] is a 2008 slapstick action brickfilm by Spencer Olson.[2] It is the first film in the Bunnies series, and it follows an encounter between a white bunny and a grey bunny, leading to a firefight.[3] It was inspired by the 2004 brickfilm Surreal 1/3: The Bunny by James Morr, which is where the bunny design originated.

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Awards Edit

Year Competition Category Result
2012 Fathom Film Festival Audience Choice Award[4] Won

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