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Bunker Busters is a 2022 apocalyptic brickfilm made by "ffingers".


A group of raiders find a bunker hidden in the desert which they blow their way into, only to find there is someone in the bunker waiting for them. The bunker survivor has to run, hide and fight his way through all the raiders who broke into his home.


In a post-apocalyptic future, a survivor works out in his secure bunker when he gets an alarm alerting him of the presence of intruders. Outside, a group of raiders attempt to get into the bunker with a drill but are unable to, so the raider boss orders dynamite to be placed against the door. The survivor arms himself and locks all the inside doors as the raiders shoot the dynamite and blow a hole in the wall. As the survivor hides, the raiders raid the inside of the bunker before the boss finds the cameras and realizes that someone else is in the bunker with them.

The raiders hunt for the survivor and try to get through the locked doors; a raider finds a power switch but is electrocuted upon touching it and dies when his head hits a wall. Some doors open and when a raider walks through one, a motion-activated grenade set by the survivor explodes and kills him. The survivor finds himself in a room with another raider who he fights, with the fight ending when the survivor stabs him to death with a screwdriver; meanwhile, the raider boss orders everyone to search every room as the survivor sneaks past them and forcefully locks every door again, one of the closing doors killing a raider.

The survivor finds a raider tampering with the power grid and holds him at gunpoint but is attacked by multiple other raiders, including Mad-dog. He shoots a raider dead and is stabbed by Mad-dog, who he then kills before massacring the remaining attacker with a machete. After a fight with another raider, who he also kills, the survivor injects painkillers into his leg; the boss realizes everyone else is dead and shoots the control panels until the doors open, allowing him to bring the last two raiders into the bunker. The three of them find the survivor and a shootout ensues, after which the survivor runs and kills one of the new raiders and a surviving old one.

After killing the second new raider, living old ones attack the survivor but are killed by him. The survivor and the raider boss shoot at each other and the survivor is badly injured but he manages to fatally stab the boss with a cleaver before killing him with a gunshot to the head.


  • Survivor - jamescawood
  • Raider Boss - RealGLP
  • Raider - KingOfKazoos
  • Raider - starwarsstudio100
  • Raider - McNickFlix
  • Raider - XerxesAnimations
  • Raider - CloudlessStudio
  • Raider - GlickFilms
  • Raider - TheBrickBro
  • Raider - oFFiCiaLBricks
  • Raider - ffingers


  1. Bunker Busters