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The Built By Me Movie Contest was a brickfilming contest run in 2008 by the Nicktoons Network in official association with the LEGO Group. It was tied in with the 2008 Nicktoons Network Animation Festival. The Grand Prize was for the winning film to be shown at the festival and for the creator to receive $25,000 funding for a new brickfilm.


The contest was announced on the website of the Nicktoons Network Animation Festival. Submissions were accepted between July 15 and September 15, 2008.[1] The maximum time limit for entries was two minutes and no unauthorised copyrighted content was allowed. To submit an entry, entrants were required to mail out a copy along with a submission form. The format of this submission copy could either be a DigiBeta or DV tape, a Quicktime video file or a DVD.[2]

Judging and prizes[]

Entries were judged in the categories of Originality and Creativity. There were three prize tiers.[3] One film would win the Grand Prize. The prize for this was to have the film shown at the 2008 Nicktoons Network Animation Festival and for the creator to receive $25,000 funding for a new brickfilm to be produced in conjunction with Nicktoons and the LEGO Group. An additional prize was a pack of SpongeBob SquarePants LEGO sets valued at around $275. The next prize tier was the First Place Prize, awarded to one film each in the age brackets of 18+ and 17 and under. The prizes for this tier were the same LEGO SpongeBob pack and a $100 LEGO gift card. The final prize tier was the second place prize, awarded to two films in each age category. The prize for this tier was a slightly smaller LEGO SpongeBob pack, valued at around $200. Winners also received a brick-built clapperboard trophy.[4]


Grand Prize winner
First Place Prize winners
18 and Older 17 and Under
Second Place Prize winners
18 and Older 17 and Under


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