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Bryan Phipps is an American brickfilmer best known for making his Doctor Who brickfilm series. His most recent film is the 140 minute-long 'Destiny of the Doctors' which he spent over four years working on. The film is not only a celebration of 60 years of Doctor Who, but also of Doctor Who brickfilms. Many other iterations of The Doctor created by many other brickfilmers appear in the film and these crossovers are explained by the concept of a ‘multiverse’.


Year Title Notes
2013 The 12th Chapter
2013 The Whole Of Infinity
2018 Rise Of The Cyberlords Part 2
2019 The Crimson King Part 1
2019 The Crimson King Part 2
2020 The Homecoming War Part 2
2020 Building Time And Space: The Story Of Lego Doctor Who A 25 minute documentary about Doctor Who brickfilms featuring Tom Markiewicz, Ben Shaffer and Jacob Crow
2023 Lego Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors A feature length film with a duration of 140 minutes made in celebration of Doctor Who’s 60 anniversary and of Doctor Who brickfilms. Along side Bryan’s version of The Doctor, Dark Moon Studios’ version (who is from an alternative universe) appears. Cameos of many other brickfilmers’ versions of The Doctor are also featured.
Destiny of the Doctors frame

A frame from 'Destiny of The Doctors'