Bruno Lefèvre
Bruno Lefèvre circa 2014
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  • Aiwha
  • jedidu78
Years active
2005 - Present
  • Brickfilmer
  • Website admin
Nationality France Flag French
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Bruno Lefèvre is a French brickfilmer. He is known for brickfilms including Indus and Delivering Mail. He was previously an admin of the French brickfilming website Brick à Brack, and was one of three developers of the site's current version. He coordinated the first Brick à Brack community project, Au-delà du brickfilm.[1] He has been brickfilming since 2005 but only began releasing films publicly in 2009.[2]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2009 Death of the Grand Admiral Thrawn
2009 Manger à la cantine
2009 404 Page not Found
2009 Elite Commando
2009 A stormtrooper's day
2010 512 Concours 8*8*8 second place winner[3]
2010 Jack Sparrow
2010 Paul & Masbatt - Interview agent-'s Paul and Masbatt Contest winning entry[4]
2010 Pour agent-.
2010 The Ambition to prepare a Great Christmas Fest Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 8 entry
2011 Excentrique[5]
2011 A THAC day Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 9 entry
2012 Paris, 1850 Late Tales of Yore Contest film
2012 The Artist "Dance Number" Animation Challenge entry
2012 Creuser CABBAB #15: "Creuser" entry
2012 Se téléporter CABBAB #20: "Se téléporter" entry
2012 Présentation Brick à Brack[6] Co-production with Robin Blaisot and Sebastien Marlin
2013 Spaceship
2013 Se Transformer CABBAB #27: "Se transformer." entry
2013 Se Faire renverser CABBAB #28: "Se faire renverser" winner
2013 The Headless Horseman CABBAB #35: "Marcher sur les mains" winner[7]
2013 S'envoler CABBAB #36: "S'envoler" participatory entry
2013 Indus GO Film 2013 first place winner[8]
2014 Pousser/Tirer/Soulever un objet lourd CABBAB #59: "Déplacer un objet lourd" winner
2014 Delivering Mail Les Brickstars 2014 entry
2015 Antarctica Unfinished
2015 Hugo Co-production with Maxime Marion and Green Workshop
2015 Chef-d'œuvre
2016 Snif.
2017 Boum. CABBAB #88: "Explosion de tête" first place winner
2017 Au-delà du brickfilm Community project coordinated by Bruno Lefèvre
2017 Intoxication Hallumentaire Co-production with multiple members of Brick à Brack at Fana'briques
Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2017 third place winner
2018 Ship in a Bottle Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2018 Snif. 2
2020 Snif. 3 Created for the Quarantine Daze community project coordinated by Zach Macias

Features in the media Edit

In 2014,[9] Bruno Lefèvre and his films Delivering Mail, Indus and The Headless Horseman were featured in a news segment on the television channel France 3, along with fellow French brickfilmers Mathieu Blangy and Maxime Marion.

References Edit

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