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Bricks unlimited is a video created in 1989 by LEGO Audiovisuals in Billund, Denmark. It is an informational video about how LEGO bricks are made, and the quality standards they are made to.[1] Notably, it features a large, brick-built and stop-motion animated LEGO character who is lip-synced to the voice of the narrator.

Apparently, Bricks unlimited was an internal video from the Consumer Affairs division of LEGO Systems, Inc., and was not available to be seen outside of the LEGO Company. Somehow, a poor-condition tape containing the video was acquired by Alex Kobbs at a young age. Kobbs went on to upload the video to YouTube in 2008 under the title How Lego Bricks are Made, but he privatized this upload in 2011.[2] While it was available, the video was downloaded by "Legoluke654"/"FilmDude", who eventually reuploaded it to YouTube in 2016.

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