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The Bricks in Motion Celebration Contest was a brickfilming contest hosted by Philip Heinrich in 2014 on Bricks in Motion. The aim of the contest was to create a 30-second brickfilm with the theme "celebration", with all entries to be included on The Bricks in Motion Collection, a DVD/Blu-ray of brickfilms available as part of the backer rewards for the Bricks in Motion documentary Kickstarter rewards.

Although not a major summer contest, it marked a return of official once-off contests on Bricks in Motion, ending a minor gap since the Kitchen Sink Contest in 2012. It was followed the Darkness and Light Contest in 2015.


The Bricks in Motion Celebration Contest was announced by Philip Heinrich on Bricks in Motion on August 13th, 2014. It was created to promote Bricks in Motion: The Documentary, and all entries would be included on the collection of brickfilms The Bricks in Motion Collection, a DVD and Blu-ray only available as part of the documentary Kickstarter rewards. The theme of the contest was "Celebration" and entries were required to be exactly thirty seconds in length.

The deadline of the contest was September 6th, 2014 and the contest had a prize-pool of a Blue Snowball microphone, LEGO bricks box 6177 Basic Bricks Deluxe, and LEGO set 31010 Treehouse.[1] Thirty-three entries were submitted and the contest was judged by Heinrich, Zach Macias, Nathan Wells and Doug Vandegrift.[2]

When the first place winner Jay Silver decided not to accept a prize, a new spot was opened in the prize pool. This went to fifth place entrants Seán Willis and Brian Willis,[3] as the entrant in fourth place was banned from Bricks in Motion at the time.[4]


Top 10
Place Film Name Director
1. The Journey Jay Silver
2. 15 Second Party in a Crate Noah Frazier
3. First Contact Galen Johnson
4. Maturity Jared "Brickelodeon" Nesbit
5. The Thief Seán Willis and Brian Willis
6. Good Coffee Gregory Moore and Garry Moore
7. Flowers for Elizabeth Christian Colglazier
8. When No One's Looking Matthew Kimball
9. Celebrations Nathan "END films" Stougard
10. Bricks In Motion Celebration Jorden Davis


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