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Bricks in Love is a 2005 comedic romance brickfilm by Steffen Troeger.[1] It is about the wedding of two 1970's LEGO Homemaker figures.[2] It was followed by Bricks in Love II in 2007.


In a church, a pastor is performing a wedding ceremony for a LEGO Homemaker figure couple. He asks the man, Haensel Sauerbraten, if he wishes to be together forever with "this original 70's girly LEGO figure", and he responds "Yes, I do." The pastor then asks the woman, Gretel Schnitzel, if she wishes to be together with "this original 70's male LEGO figure", and she answers "Yes, I do." The pastor officially pronounces them husband and wife, and states that they may now exchange their bricks. The newlyweds disassemble and reassemble into one, and kiss.[2]


  • Art Gillespie as Pastor
  • Tina Moeller as Gretel Schnitzel
  • Andreas Mooslechner as Haensel Sauerbraten
  • Steffen Troeger as Himself