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The Brickfilms Wiki is an online encyclopedia website for information about brickfilming. It includes information on over 800 notable brickfilms and 300 brickfilmers, as well as articles on past competitions and festivals, and other notable brickfilming history and trivia.

History Edit

The Brickfilms Wiki was founded by Aled Owen in February 2006 on the wiki hosting site Wikia. Owen only made 1 named contribution to the website before apparently losing interest.[1]

In December 2008, the Brickfilms Wiki was adopted by "Lortoniipa".[2]. Initially, this person made a number of constructive edits to pages such as the wiki's main page[3] and Cognizance[4], but from January 2009, a number of pages relating to a fictional sci-fi universe began to be created by "Lortoniipa" and another user, "Tim95".

In November 2014, the wiki was adopted by Nathan Wells. This was primarily due to displeasure with the directions taken by another then-active Wikia hosted wiki called Brikifilms, located at[5] Rather than upset people by attempting to change and/or delete Brikifilms pages, and also viewing the url being more desirable than, Wells decided to start anew, and submitted a request to be granted rights to the long-abandoned[6]

In February 2019, the Brickfilms Wiki domain changed from to, per a change in branding from the wiki's host Fandom.

References Edit

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