The Brickfilms Wiki's Partners

This wiki will occasionally reach out to or accept requests from other LEGO or film related groups to be partners or 'friends' with us. This is usually done in order to promote the wiki. Wiki partners will typically have their logo displayed on the Brickfilms Wiki's main page in return for our logo being displayed on their website.

Current Partners


Brickipedia is a free online LEGO® encyclopedia written collaboratively by its readers. Originally founded on January 29, 2006, the wiki strives to be the best LEGO® reference site out there.

The Brickfilmer's Guild

The Brickfilmer's Guild is a brickfilming blog and resource website created by "The Four Monkeys". The websites describes itself as "an online artist guild created to spotlight and connect those that practice the art of brickfilming". The website also hosts the annual Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival.

Becoming A Partner

To request an official partnership with the Brickfilms Wiki please create a new thread in the wiki forum. After some discussion a community vote will be held.

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