Contacting Staff


If you need general help with something on the wiki the quickest way is to start a new thread in the wiki forum.

Contacting administrators

If you need help from an admin you may contact one of them via their respective message walls. In urgent cases (eg mass vandalism) you are likely to find a wiki admin on the Bricks in Motion Discord server, which can be accessed via a link visible when signed in on Bricks in Motion.

Please remember all of the above are public contact methods and should be used in almost all cases. In rare cases an admin may be willing to share additional contact details if you wish to discuss something in private.


The Brickfilms Wiki is hosted by Wikia. To contact them go to Community Central - Special:Contact.

Wikia's VSTF may be contacted here to remove spam content in the case of all of this wiki's administrators becoming inactive.

Removing Content


If a brickfilmer requests certain personal information be removed from the wiki, the Brickfilms Wiki will oblige. Cases like these will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and should result in the retention of the page in question, with real names replaced with usernames, or actual identifiable pictures replaced with logos or brickfilm frames. Please contact a wiki admin for further information.

Copyright Infringement

The Brickfilms Wiki will respect DMCA takedown notices sent via the methods listed here.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.