Brickfilms Podcast
The title card used in the Brickfilms Podcast
The title card used in the Brickfilms Podcast
Years Active
2006 - 2007

The Brickfilms Podcast was a podcast run by Cody "Pierre Films" Brooks, Jonathan Schlaepfer and James Morr in official association with and available on iTunes.[1] Its purpose was to introduce more people to brickfilms and,[2] to make selected films from the directory available for viewing on iPod[3] and to highlight brickfilms in a similar capacity to Brickfilm of the Week from years later. It was launched in January 2006 and ran on an irregular schedule until June 2007.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

The first installment was released on January 15, 2006[5] and the podcast was formally announced on by Cody Brooks the following day.[2] The stated primary purpose was to "spread brickfilms to the masses".[6]

An example of a full episode of the Brickfilms Podcast

Releases were accompanied by a short text description or comment on the film.[4] Each installment was released both on iTunes and from the podcast's own website, at first located at and later at[7] Installments usually consisted of the chosen film with the addition of the podcast's intro at the start and a selected comment on the podcast from iTunes at the end.

The podcast's release on iTunes allowed the films to reach a different audience than usual. Comments quoted were typically from people outside the brickfilming community and often previously unaware of brickfilms. The podcast received a large boost in publicity when it was featured on the front page of iTunes' podcast section in March 2006.[2]

Releases of the podcast did not stick to a tight schedule, with periods between releases ranging from days to months and only two installments being released in 2007.[4] There was a total of 22 installments. The final one was released on the 11th of June, 2007.

Featured Brickfilms[edit | edit source]

Date Image Featured Brickfilm Creator
Jan 15, 2006
ONE: A Space Odyssey Tony Mines and Tim Drage
Jan 18, 2006
Frankenstein Robinson Wood
Jan 19, 2006
Rise of the Empire Jay Silver
Jan 19, 2006
Rapunzel Jay Silver
Jan 24, 2006
Out of Time Chris Salt
Feb 4, 2006
Where'd the Cheese Go? Chris Salt
Feb 16, 2006
The Letter James Maduzia
Mar 2, 2006
Them Twickenham Knights: Professionals at Work Sven van der Hart
Mar 2, 2006
Aladibababad Leftfield Studios
Mar 3, 2006
Tough Questions Chris Salt
Mar 12, 2006
A New Computer Pat Mahoney
Apr 18, 2006
Totentanz Steffen Troeger and Andreas Mooslechner
Apr 28, 2006
The Gauntlet Jay Silver
Jul 23, 2006
The Citizen of the Year J. Watson
Aug 10, 2006
Grace Robinson Wood
Sep 23, 2006
Triumph of the Empire Brendan Henry
Oct 13, 2006
Greedy Bricks Mirko Horstmann
Oct 20, 2006
Prey James Jannicelli
Dec 10, 2006
A Wasted Journey Chris Salt
Dec 20, 2006
Mirrored Perspective Zach Macias
Mar 28, 2007
Found Steffen Troeger and Sandra Abele
Jun 11, 2007
Faithless Matthew Gray

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