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The Brickfilming Halloween Competition, originally titled the Brickfilm Halloween Contest and commonly referred to as BHC, was a Halloween-themed brickfilming contest hosted by Tommy "Skull Brick" Dreyer in 2007 and 2008. The 2007 iteration was run on the forums, while the 2008 iteration ran on the Bricks in Motion Refugee Camp.

Brickfilm Halloween Contest[]

The first BHC contest, initially referred to as the Brickfilm Halloween Holiday Contest and later as just Brickfilm Halloween Contest, was announced by Dreyer on October 1, 2007 on the forums, with a deadline of October 31.[1] Two prizes were offered for the contest, the beginner prize, which was open to entrants who joined in 2007, and the veteran prize, open to entrants who joined before 2007. The beginner prize, donated by Saul Goode, was an assortment of LEGO minifigures and accessories. The veteran prize, donated by Simon Lunn and added after the contest announcement, was the SoundFX CD included with some LEGO Studios sets. The contest received 9 entries[2] and was judged by public vote, with members ranking their top two favourite entries.[3]

Top 5
Place Film Name Director
1. All Hallows Wolf Richard Van De Steenoven
2. AGM 2007 Simon Lunn
3. Trick or Treat Jordan Harris
4. An Andy and Mike Halloween Andrew Munzer
5. Hooligans Scott Jenner

The remaining entries were:

Brickfilming Halloween Competition 2[]

The BHC contest returned in 2008, now under the name Brickfilming Halloween Competition. BHC 2 was held on the Bricks in Motion Refugee Camp.[7] Unlike the first BHC, it had a maximum time limit of 10 minutes.[8] Availability of information on this contest is limited as no archives exist of any of the threads relating to it.


No record of the full results of the contest is known to survive. Only the top 2 films are known.

  1. Spirit Stompers: The Hallows Eve Specter[8] - by Jason Boyle
  2. Social Experiment[9] - by Zach Macias

The other known entries are:

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