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The Brickfilmer's Guild (also known as the BFG) is a brickfilming blog and resource website created by The Four Monkeys. The website also hosts the annual Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival.


Elgg site[]

The Brickfilmers Guild was opened in early 2011 as an Elgg social network. Users could become 'friends' with each other and share their films, images and blog posts. The site intended to complement other existing brickfilming websites.[1]

By September 2011, a prominent Administrators Blog had been added to the site, showcasing brickfilming news and events.[2]

Weebly site[]

In December 2014, the Elgg site was replaced by a new site hosted on Weebly.[3] The site retained its member list although members no longer had individual profiles on the site with only a link to their YouTube channels remaining. A 4 tier level system was added with users given the titles of "Apprentice", "Craftsman", "Journeyman" or "Master".[4]

The site's main focus is now its Brickfilming Events and News Blog.[5]

The Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival[]

Main article: Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival

The Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival (originally called the Brickfilmer's Guild Animation Festival) is a brickfilm awards ceremony that has been hosted annually on the site since 2012. Any BFG member can submit an entry to the festival as long as their film was made in the year of the festival.[6]

Brickfilmer's Guild Podcast[]

Kim and Dave Smith of The Four Monkeys host The Brickfilmer's Guild Podcast, with a new instalment roughly every 1 to 2 months. Each episode of the podcast is usually an interview with a guest brickfilmer, and it has also been used to announce the results of the Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival. The podcast is shared first with Patreon supporters of The Brickfilmer's Guild and later made publicly available on YouTube, and it is sponsored by BrickWarriors.

No. Public release date Guest(s) or topic Listen
001 December 19, 2015 Paul Hollingsworth Link
002 December 29, 2015 Kevin Ulrich Link
003 January 21, 2016 James Morr and Tommy Williamson Link
004 January 30, 2016 Thomas Evans Link
005 March 8, 2016 Marc-André Caron Link
006 April 23, 2016 The Brickfilmer's Guild 2015 Film Festival Awards Show Link
007 May 7, 2016 Alex Kobbs Link
008 August 6, 2016 Something's Awry Productions Link
009 November 29, 2016 David Pagano and Dave Pickett Link
010 May 2, 2017 The Brickfilmer's Guild 2016 Film Festival Awards Show Link
011 May 16, 2017 Seán Willis Link
012 July 15, 2017 MinilifeTV Link
013 August 19, 2017 Forrest Whaley Link
014 September 17, 2017 Gareth Pugh Link
015 October 31, 2017 Sean Willets Link
016 December 19, 2017 Zach Macias Link
017 February 1, 2018 Maxime Marion Link
018 February 27, 2018 Steffen Troeger Link
019 July 12, 2018 Spencer Katz Link
020 August 9, 2018 Michael Hickox Link
021 October 21, 2018 Alex Pearson Link
022 February 18, 2019 Gus Danko Link
023 March 30, 2019 Christopher Gearhart Link
024 April 27, 2019 Akash Jones Link
025 August 19, 2019 Adam Nies Link
026 September 15, 2019 Alexander Leitner and Andreas Bitzan Link
027 January 3, 2020 Jared Jacobs Link
028 March 23, 2020 William Osborne and Seán Willis
(crossover with The World of Brickfilms Podcast)
029 April 21, 2020 Galen Johnson Link
030 June 15, 2020 Patryk Wawer Link


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