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Brickcity Bright Lights is a 2011 comedy brickfilm by Dirk Boettcher.[1] It follows how multiple people in a city each accidentally influence a chain of events which leads to a major accident occurring.[2] It was created for entry to Steinerei 2011, and placed third in the jury choice and second in both the audience choice and the brickfilmer choice.[3]



  • Adrian Sojka as Vitali
  • Petra Rausch as Anna, Lara Brickstone
  • Frank Lauenroth as Pizza chef
  • Julius Boettcher as Mehmet
  • Reinhard Frimark as John
  • Dirk Boettcher as Rudi Rakete, Bennie
  • Monika Banse as Isabell


  • Frank Lauenroth - Writer
  • Dirk Boettcher - Writer, Director, Design, Sound effects
  • Carolin Boettcher - Sound effects

References to other brickfilms[]

The plastic hair gag in the film is borrowed from the brickfilm About a Door by "Holgor".