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Brick à Brack (also known as BàB) is a French brickfilming community website, founded in 2008 by Robin Blaisot (AKA ParodAnim) and Rémi "R-creator" J. It is currently owned by Maxime Baconnais. In 2017, it introduced an English version of the site.


In 2008, Robin Blaisot and Rémi "R-creator" J. decided that the French brickfilming community, mainly present on Dailymotion and the BrickPirate forums[1], should have a website in which they would share their brickfilms and help each other. They created '', later called and Brick à Brack gained progressively in popularity.

In 2012, the community moved to a totally hand-crafted website,

In 2017, Brick à Brack gained Recognized LEGO Fan Media (RLFM) status, in January 2018, Brick à Brack became a Recognized LEGO Online Community (RLOC).[2]

In November, 2017, Brick à Brack announced the availability of their website in English.

In April 2018, Brick à Brack introduce a community map where members can share they location[3] and a brickfilming event calendar[4].

Significant EventsEdit

  • Each year, Les Brickstars reward the best brickfilms of the year.
  • Since 2010, Brick à Brack hosts the 8*8*8 Contest annually.
  • Each week, Brick a Brack highlights "le Brickfilm de la semaine" ("The brickfilm of the week", different from the Brickfilm of the Week on Bricks In Motion), a promising brickfilm by a new brickfilmer.
  • Each month, members of Brick à Brack can vote for their favorite brickfilm of the past month. The chosen brickfilm is highlighted as the "Brickfilm du mois"[5] (Brickfilm of the month).
  • Brick à Brack regularly organizes annimation challenges, which has its own dedicated forum category.[6]

References Edit

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