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BrickFest Animation Competition
The logo of BrickFest
Festival and competition
Washington, D.C.
Years Active
2002 - 2006

The BrickFest Animation Competition was a brickfilm competition held at the general LEGO convention BrickFest. It is not to be confused with BricksWest, which Todd Thuma also ran animation competitions at.

BrickFest festival history Edit

Brickfilming at early BrickFests Edit

Tom foot

Thomas Foote's setup at BrickFest 2000[1]



Film Name Director
Vecna's Lens: Part I Jason Rowoldt
All of the Dead Tony Mines and Tim Drage
2001: A LEGO Odyssey Marc Atkin
ONE: A Space Odyssey Tony Mines and Tim Drage
Twelve Bucks Rob Weychert
The Thing Andy Thornbery
LeGorso Joona Poikonen and Lauri Mäki
Ministry - "Thieves" Jason Bardis
The LEGO Chainsaw Massacre Andy Thornbery
Brain Damage Robert Thomas
Dancing on The Moon Jason Rowoldt

BrickFest 2002 animation competitions Edit

BrickFest 2002 Logo

Star Wars Movie Trailer Competition Edit


Results Edit

Conference Organizer Award:

Audience Choice Award:

List of all Star Wars Movie Trailer Competition entries, in alphabetical order:

Film Name Director
The Fight Against the Empire Wolfgang Roehl and Thomas Roehl
Jedi Chronicles: The First Duel Nick Maniatis
LEGO Wars Ben Brenninkmeyer
Rise of the Empire Jay Silver
Star Wars Episode II Trailer Paul Hollingsworth and Luke Krajcarskii
Star Wars: Last Strike Nate Burr

Animation Festival Competition Edit

Results Edit

Best of Show:

Conference Organizer Award:

Audience Choice Award:

List of all Animation Festival Competition entries, in alphabetical order:

Film Name Director
Block Wars Paul Hollingsworth and Sarah Stinchcombe
Building a Little Red Switcher Bob Hayes
The Clocktower Trilogy Nate Burr
Donnie the Mobster: Trouble at School! Nick Maniatis
Doorway Nick Maniatis
The Evolution of Creation Greg Perry
The Final Duel Joe Loretz
Freedom Brian Gould, Colin Sproat and Spencer Glodek
The Game Nate Burr
The Gauntlet Jay Silver
The Glove Wolfgang Roehl and Thomas Roehl
Great Inventors Part 1: The Wheel Stefan van Zwam
The Juggler Nick Maniatis
Macabre Manor Jared Gilbert
METRO Doug James
The Mollusk Greg Perry
Mummy Ben Brenninkmeyer
Ninja Thief Ben Brenninkmeyer
NK2020 Nick Maniatis
Perelowic Brian Gould and Colin Sproat
The Rise and Fall of Lazarus Brian Gould, Colin Sproat and Spencer Glodek
A (Very) Brief History of the Bushranger 'Ned Kelly' and the 'Kelly Gang' Nick Maniatis

BrickFest 2003 Music Video Animation Competition Edit



Best of Show:

Best Music Video AKA Audience Choice Award:

Best Technical Animation:

The other entries were Wake Up (set to the Evanescence song "Bring Me To Life") by Ben Brenninkmeyer and A Forest - The Cure by Nick Maniatis.[7] There was also an unknown sixth entry by someone named Eric screened that was not considered for awards due to being submitted late,[8] and the official White Stripes brickfilm music video Fell in Love with a Girl was also screened at the festival.[9]

BrickFestPDX 2004 animation competitions Edit

BrickFestPDX 2004 was the first BrickFest held outside of the Washington D.C. area. It took place in the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon from February 12 - 14, 2004. On September 18, 2003, Todd Thuma announced two brickfilm competitions for this BrickFest: The BrickFest PDX 2004 "History of Flight" Animation Competition and The BrickFest PDX 2004 Tell-a-Joke Animation Competition.[10][11] However, neither competition received any entries. It was theorized that this could have been due to the A Peculiar Event Contest taking place on from December 2003 to February 2004, or also due to an opinion that brickfilms weren't received particularly enthusiastically at LEGO festivals, demotivating people to create films specifically for them.

BrickFest 2004 High Adventure Theatre Contest Edit

Main article: High Adventure Theatre Contest

BrickFest 2005 Heroes and Villains Contest Edit


Main article: Heroes and Villains Contest

BrickFest 2006 Edit

Fame, Infamy and Glory Contest Edit

Main article: Fame, Infamy and Glory Contest

BrickFest 2006 Montage Edit

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