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The BrickFest 2006 Montage is a 2006 brickfilm montage of film scene recreations. It was coordinated by David West and shown at BrickFest 2006. It was the second official community project, following Cleaning Time: The Janitorial Contingency from 2005. The next community project was The Day Crashed, which was the last one made while the community from this time was still on the site, but it was not officially associated with the site.

The BrickFest 2006 Montage was not thought of as a community project at the time as it wasn't a narrative-driven film collaboration akin to Cleaning Time, but it fits the criteria under which later films have been considered community projects.

History[] had been hosting contests in conjunction with BrickFest since 2004, and for 2006, new organizer Joe Meno wanted brickfilms to play an expanded role in the festival. BrickFest 2006 had the theme "Showbiz", so Meno requested that owner Joshua Leasure organize a montage of famous film scenes recreated in LEGO animation, to be played before the awards ceremony at the festival. This would be in addition to another contest hosted by, which became the Fame, Infamy and Glory Contest.

Leasure announced the plan for the montage on February 7, 2006, requesting members recreate famous film clips within a time guideline of 5 to 20 seconds each.[1] He soon passed control of the project to David West, who was the host of trailer competitions for the and BrickFest contests. West posted a thread for the montage on February 8, 2006. He allowed filmers to go over the 20 second limit if absolutely necessary to finish a line in a scene. Parodying film scenes was not permitted. Not every clip submitted was guaranteed a spot in the montage, so filmers were allowed make as many clips as they wanted, and allowed recreate the same scene someone else had already done.[2] The deadline to submit clips was August 7, including a small deadline extension. Roughly 50 clips were submitted, and 15 were included in the montage. The finished montage was posted to on August 23, shortly before the BrickFest 2006 weekend of August 25 - 27.

A new render of the project was created in 2016, as David West still had the original project files and the editing file, and was able to produce a video file in higher quality than the original render.


Listed here are the films (and one TV series) that scenes are recreated from, in the order they appear in the montage and with the name of the brickfilmer who recreated them:

"Montage Clip"[]

Many brickfilmers posted their individual clips to the Post and Review forum with the phrase "Montage Clip" in the title. When clips were uploaded to YouTube later, they retained the "Montage Clip" phrase in the title, sometimes without mentioning what the montage it referred to was.[3][4][5] There was also an attempt by "Night Owl" to create another montage in 2008, which was not completed, leading to even more montage clips and this time without a corresponding montage.[6] The abundance of such clips led to a trend in brickfilming wherein newer members assumed that any film scene recreation in LEGO was called a Montage Clip, and so they would also include this phrase in the titles of their own film scene recreations, even though they were not created for a montage.[7][8]


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