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Brendan Henry is a Canadian brickfilmer. He is known for films including Triumph of the Empire, Fallen: Part One, and Bounty.[2] His brickfilms were known for advancement in cinematography and digital effects in the time period they were released in. He was inspired to begin brickfilming while living in Australia after being in a class taught by Nick Maniatis, who introduced him to[3]


Year Title Notes
2004? The Garden
2004 Master[4]
2004 Limbo / Special Edition
2004 This is Charlie.
2004 Seeing Red High Adventure Theatre Contest entry
2004 Perspective
2005 The Fallen Trilogy Trailer
2005 Fallen: Part One
2005 Apprentice Heroes and Villains Contest entry
2005 Bounty Heroes and Villains Contest entry
2006 Assault of the Uninspired Title Tropfest 2006 entry[5]
2006 Fallen: Part Two - Teaser
2006 Triumph of the Empire
2007 Norseland Saga: Episode One
2007 Norseland Saga: Episode Two
2007 The Ice Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 4 entry
2021 Full Time Tryin' 2 Luv - Andrew Waite Official music video