Brendan Henry
Brendan Henry circa 2014
Also known as
  • Ladon
  • Ladonite Creations
Years active
2004? - 2008?
Nationality Canada Flag Canadian
Notable works
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Brendan Henry is a Canadian brickfilmer. He is known for Triumph of the Empire, Fallen: Part One and Bounty.[1] He was inspired to begin brickfilming while living in Australia after being in a class taught by Nick Maniatis, who introduced him to[2]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2004? The Garden[3]
2004 Master[4]
2004 Limbo Special Edition
2004 This is Charlie.
2004 Seeing Red High Adventure Theatre Contest entry
2004 Perspective
2005 The Fallen Trilogy Trailer
2005 Fallen: Part One
2005 Apprentice Heroes and Villains Contest entry[5]
2005 Bounty Heroes and Villains Contest entry[6]
2006 Assault of the Uninspired Title X Tropfest 2006 entry[7][8]
2006 Fallen: Part Two - Teaser[9]
2006 Triumph of the Empire
2007 Norseland Saga: Episode One
2007 Norseland Saga: Episode Two
2007 The Ice Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 4 entry[10]

References Edit

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