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Breathing Space is a 2008 sci-fi brickfilm by Jordan Harris.[1] It follows a spaceman who is hunting a robot that has malfunctioned and is out to kill.[2] It was created for the Amateurs in Motion Contest held on the Bricks in Motion forums, in which it placed third.[3]


On the outside of a space station, a small cleaning robot is hit by a floating rock, causing it to malfunction and seek to kill. A spaceman onboard receives a warning of a robot malfunction, and prepares for a battle.

The spaceman finds the robot on board and shoots at it, but it crawls into the vents. The spaceman searches the ship until he finds the robot in a different room. The robot throws a switch, turning off the artificial gravity, but the spaceman manages to throw his helmet on top of the robot, capturing it.[2]


  • Jordan Harris - Director, Animator, Editor
  • Alexander Suppe - Sound, Music
  • Burkhard Schloemer - LDraw models

Award nominations[]

Breathing Space was nominated for one award in the 2008 BiMAs.[4]

Year Competition Category Result
2008 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Visual Effects Nominated