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Breaking News is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by Dave Lennie and Andy Boyer.[1] It follows a news report upon the return of Jesus Christ, and Biff and Mario running into him on a street corner. It premiered on October 2, 2004 at the 15th annual Society for Animation Studies Conference at the University of Illinois, where Lennie and Boyer had been invited to discuss brickfilming at a presentation.[2] It is also the last brickfilm that they released[3] until the 2021 release of Taco Trouble 2: The Trial, co-produced with Seán Willis and Brian Willis.


WDLN TV reports the breaking news that Jesus Christ has returned to earth. They go to an interviewer live on the scene who explains the circumstances of Jesus' reappearance across from a Taco Bell, and that Jesus is preaching to a crowd and handing out flyers for a show he will be performing that night. He interviews Jesus and asks what he will do to prove to skeptics that it is really him, so Jesus asks Biff in the crowd to come up to him. Jesus pulls a coin from thin air in front of Biff, and Biff calls for Mario to come see what Jesus can do. Mario appears, but is more concerned with continuing on to the Taco Bell. He responds flippantly to Jesus' questions and miracles, and suggests that he use his powers to feed the crowd with tacos. The interviewer wraps up the segment by announcing that Jesus will be beginning his tour of the midwest with a show at The Funny Bone in Des Moines.

References to other brickfilms[]

In the film, the news ticker at the bottom of the screen mentions characters and events from multiple other brickfilms by Lennie and Boyer. These references include:

  • Doktor X and his Pleasure/Pain Device, from Taco Trouble
  • The Mongolian Government investigating a police station explosion from 15 years prior, referencing Oh Well.
  • Restaurant patrons complaining about a profane incident and the owner being unsympathetic, referencing Biff's continual swearing in Bork (and possibly referring to some negative reactions in the Bork release thread).[4]
  • The Winston Shell murder case and the fugitive triplet Steve Shoup, from TE.
  • The "Mango Boat Massacre", from Heart of Darkness.
  • Sir Geoffrey from Medieval Times.


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