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Brain Damage is a 2000 action brickfilm by Robert Thomas.[1] It follows a man infiltrating a facility with malicious intent.[2] It was released on December 23, 2000,[3] and so was an early film available on shortly after Jason Rowoldt launched the website on December 16, 2000.[4] In a poll held by in April 2001, it was voted as viewers' second favourite film in the directory at the time, after The Thing by Andy Thornbery.[5][6]


A man sneaks through a facility, hiding from guards, until he reaches a room with a large machine. He begins to sabotage the machine using the control panel, when four guards rush into the room. The man fights the guards and defeats them all before running from the room. One guard gets up in time to see the machine begin to explode.[2]

The man runs from the explosion which engulfs the room and corridors behind him. He arrives at another room, housing a jet, but it is blocked by a tough guard. The man and the guard battle until the guard is thrown to the other side of the room, and the man gets into the jet to escape.