Bowling for Sandercoe
Walter attempts to line up a successful shot
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Released August 29, 2007
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Language None
Created for Justin Sandercoe's "The Most Innovative Use Of A Guitar" competition

Bowling for Sandercoe is a 2007 brickfilm by Chris Salt.[1][2] It is about a two men who run into a technical issue while attempting to play bowling.[3] It was created for online guitar teacher Justin Sandercoe's "The Most Innovative Use Of A Guitar" video competition, and won the grand prize.[4][5]

Plot Edit

Two men, Walter and Donnie, are playing a round at a bowling alley. Walter throws the ball, but the LEGO studs along the lane prevent the ball from rolling far enough to reach the pins. Walter returns to Donnie to see that no points have been scored, and explains that they will need a flat surface for a successful game, before storming off. Donnie notices a poster on the wall advertising Justin Sandercoe's online guitar lessons, which gives him an idea.

The two men begin another game of bowling, but this time a flat surface allows the ball to travel smoothly and knock down all the pins. It is revealed that they are bowling along the the body of a guitar.[3]

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