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Bounty is a 2005 futuristic action-drama brickfilm by Brendan Henry. It follows a man attempting to coax an old accomplice out of hiding by putting a bounty on his own head.[1] It was an entry to the Heroes and Villains Contest and placed fifth. A trailer for the film was voted as the winner of the Heroes and Villains Trailer Competition,[2] which won Henry a free copy of the official Heroes and Villains DVD.[3]


In the night cityscape of Halfborn, a bounty hunter, Kareem, is in a bar and watches somebody purchase a blade. As he is leaving on his speeder he gets into a crash, and then awakens in the middle of the street. As he is standing in the road a marauder on a motorbike comes to attack him, Kareem then takes out his pistol, shoots the biker and commandeers the vehicle.

Kareem then goes to his apartment and looks up Jack Nenjar, a criminal and past acquaintance of Kareem's, who has gone into hiding. Deciding that the only way to have Jack come out of his cover, Kareem uses himself as bait. Hoping that by putting a large enough bounty on his own head would attract enough attention to draw out Jack.

As a mechanic shop Kareem meets up with another friend, the Old Man, asking to place a bounty on his head. The Old Man agrees but warns that every bounty hunter in the city will be hunting him down. Kareem understands and asks if he can borrow a speeder, the Old Man allows it and wishes him off.

With Kareem's bounty now added into the system, he waits for Jack to make his move. As he is driving down a street a Bounty Hunter in an invisible bike appears. Kareem speeds up and tries to lose him, successfully cutting him off through a narrow alley. Jack Nenjar watching from the rooftops above, speeds down into the alley. The two confront each other in the alley, each with a gun pointed toward their head. Kareem, trying to dissuade Jack, suggests that he is not alone and that several other men will also be leaving that alley with him. Jack then shoots Kareem, saying he isn't the only one who needs money.




Bounty was nominated for two awards in the 2005 Brickfilms Achievement in Motion Pictures Awards.[4]

Year Competition Category Result
2005 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Visual Elements Nominated