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This film contains content that may be considered not safe for work. Viewer discretion is advised.

Bork is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by Andy Boyer and Dave Lennie.[1] It is about Biff and Mario dining out in a restaurant, with a surprise verbal assault from Biff.[2] It is the fifth main film in the Biff and Mario series, and the twelfth total to include them.[3]


Biff and Mario dine at a nice restaurant, when Biff launches into an obscene tirade against Mario. Mario discovers that Biff has neglected to take his medication. The waiter arrives to check on them and catches some of Biff's abuse. Mario asks the waiter if he has been served beef or pork, and the waiter reminds him that he ordered "bork"; combination beef and pork. Biff continues his verbal assault as Mario enjoys his bork.[2]


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