Where to discuss and vote on if a page should be deleted for not being notable.

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Threads here are about pages that a contributor believes should be deleted because they're not notable enough. To initiate a notability discussion type a title of 'Proposing the deletion of (page name)' and then in the message field type:

|Page Name=
|Vote Ends= January 01 2016 00:00:00 

(Set the vote end date as 48 hours after the time you create the forum thread.)

Notability Discussion Help


To give your formal response on this proposal type either AGREE or DISAGREE in capitals. Then on a new line write your reasons

Additional Queries

If you want to question this proposal further before giving an official response start your reply with the word NEUTRAL in capitals.


The result of this discussion is determined by the option below with the most votes 48 hours after this discussion page was created. An admin has to the right to extend this time in case of a tie or lack of voters. The result will then be highlighted by an admin adding {{Results}}.


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