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Bloody Snow is a 2003 western action film by Sven van der Hart. It is about a group of bandits invading a town during the winter, leading to a gunfight.[1] Though it is a film created with Playmobil, it was well regarded within the brickfilming community at the time.[2]


Several wanted bandits ride into a small town on a snowy day, and kill several of the townspeople. This causes several of the other citizens to begin fighting back, and a large shootout between town members and the bandits ensues. Several men attack from the saloon, but they all die. The bandits make their way into the saloon, where a large standoff occurs, but the gunfight continues. Finally, one bandit is left standing in the remains of the saloon, and he turns around to face the last town member, a young boy, who is holding a gun to him. The two point their guns at each other, and the screen goes black, just as a gunshot is heard.


  • Sven van der Hart - Writer, Animator, Director
  • Tobias Enevoldsen - Executive producer, Poster art
  • Stacey Kutchell, Christoph Beisswanger, Matthias and Sabine Pantel, Garry Evans, Isabella Hodge, Simone Wörner, Angelika Schulte - Additional parts
  • Tegnestuen Gimle, iStopmotion, Playmoboard, Joshua Deäcken - Thanks

Festival information[]

Bloody Snow was selected for A Campingflight To Lowlands Paradise 2004 in the Netherlands, FILMETS Badalona Film Festival in Spain, and TEEK film-en animatie festival in the Netherlands.[3][4]