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Blood of the Wolf is a 2002 horror brickfilm by Nate Burr.[1] It is about a man who pursues a promised cure for his lycanthropy.[2] It was created for the Horror Animation Contest,[3] and it was nominated for Scariest Scene, Most Original Story, Best Monster, Best Sound Effects, and Best Set Design.[4]


A man arrives at a castle, as he is observed from afar. He is let in by a doctor, who promises him his cure. The man is a werewolf, and during full moons three nights a month, he becomes the beast. Doctor Jacques brings him to the laboratory and has him put in a machine that he promises will free the man of the beast. Outside, a hunter hears screaming, and runs towards the castle.

The man wakes up in a corridor without the doctor, and he is attacked by a large WolfBeast. The hunter enters and shoots at the beast as the man runs. The hunter catches up with him and explains that for years the doctor has lured in werewolves by promising a cure, using his machine to steal the essence of the wolf which he can use to extend human lifespan indefinitely. The beast is heard and the pair run.

The hunter goes on to explain that the WolfBeast has killed the doctor, as the man is different to other werewolves by being born with the soul of the wolf, meaning the essence was strong enough to form its own entity. As they run, he tells the man that he must destroy the beast's physical body so it can return to him, even if the man doesn't want it. The WolfBeast chases them outside, and the man finally harnesses the power of the wolf soul to be able to fight it. He defeats the WolfBeast and becomes one with it again. As they leave, the undead Doctor Jacques attacks, and the hunter shoots him.[2]

Voice of the Wolf Competition[]

In the video introduction to Blood of the Wolf on the Bluntmation DVD, Burr jokingly stated "There is the "s" word... code for "poopie", in this one so if you're offended by that word don't watch it, or watch it with the sound off... and make up your own words or something... that might be a lot of fun! In fact, everybody turn the sound down the second time you watch this film, make up your own words... then send it in to me". When he was asked if he was being serious, he decided that it would be a fun idea to actually host a competition for redubs of the film.

The Voice of the Wolf Competition was announced on April 27, 2005. The prize pack for one winner consisted of a signed copy of the Bluntmation DVD, a handmade keyring of BoB from the Steve and Dave series, and a sealed BIONICLE Huki McDonald's Happy Meal toy, a set utilised in the construction of the WolfBeast. The winning entry was by Kate Fischer. Additionally, the LEGO set 4487 Mini Jedi Starfighter & Slave I was awarded to James Morr because his entry was the only one received before the original contest deadline, which was then extended (though he opted to have this prize sent to a different participant instead).[5]