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Blood Feud is a 2010 fantasy action brickfilm by Ola Tandstad, Svein Erik Farstad, Daniel Egeland and Thomas Celius Pettersen.[1][2] It follows two brothers with a longstanding rivalry, who are each kings of different kingdoms.[3] It makes heavy use of compositing and digitally created backgrounds. It is the last brickfilm released by Tandstad.



  • Euphreana Schilding - Narrator
  • Sean "phantom_x" Wegerson as Knight
  • Thomas C. Pettersen as Dragon King
  • Svein Erik Farstad as Bat King


  • Ola Tandstad - Creator, Screenplay, Lead animator, Editor, Visual effects, Sound mixer
  • Daniel Egeland - Creator, Storyboard artist, Additional animation, Lead background designer
  • Svein Erik Farstad - Creator, Additional animation, Sound design, Location manager
  • Thomas C. Pettersen - Creator, Screenplay, Additional animation, Additional background design, Sound design
  • forums - Special thanks