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Cavalier One Cavalier One 31 January 2019

What Makes Stop-Motion Films So Special

Hello everyone!

Our Entertainment Editor, Kim Taylor-Foster, is putting together an article focusing on stop-motion films, specifically what makes people love them and why they are making a comeback in the animation world. We'd love for the community to give us their thoughts on a few questions and to use some of your answers in our article!

So the questions we would like you answer are:

Why does stop-motion seem to be more popular than ever at the moment?
Why do you think filmmakers are choosing to make films in stop-motion?
What is so special about the medium?
What is your favorite stop-motion film and why?

If you want to help out, then please leave your answers below! We can't guarantee to use every answer, but we will use as many as we can an…

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HC 514 HC 514 27 July 2015

Change to brickfilm infoboxes

I moved the sections of infobox brickfilm and infobox brickfilm old which added contest logos over to a template called Created For Logo. Now only one template has to be edited to add new logos to the list.

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BoatsAreRockable BoatsAreRockable 24 February 2015

Brickfilms Wiki News (Feb 24th 2015)

Brickfilms Wiki News Welcome to the first regular news bulletin for the Brickfilms Wiki. The frequency of these is still be determined but they should be released at least a couple of times a month. Below are the significant developments on the wiki for the last few weeks.

There have been a number of new pages in the 'community' section of the wiki with the French community's website Brick à Brack gaining a new page as well as the competition Les Brickstars. (Special thanks to Aiwha for his help here)

In case you hadn't noticed this wiki has reached over 250 pages. This milestone coincides nicely with the wiki's recent announcement on Bricks in Motion and its potential friendship with Brickipedia, the LEGO wiki.

A list of the most linked to no…

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Sillypenta Sillypenta 16 January 2015

Black bars

This question has come up today. If a film has black bars at the top and bottom, should the bars be left in on the page image or cropped out? Personally, I prefer the look of no bars but I can see how it could be argued that they should be left in as a part of the film.

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BoatsAreRockable BoatsAreRockable 11 January 2015

Some competition related proposals.

I have a few ideas to improve the wiki and I was wondering whether everyone thought they were good ideas:

  • Renaming Category:Brickfilms by contest or competition to Category:Brickfilms by competition. I think the current name is unnecessarily long and technically there is no difference between a competition and a contest.
  • A new 'Created for' field for Template:Infobox brickfilm. Here you would type the name of the competition or event the film was made for and it would be automatically categorised. For big competitions (eg THAC, BRAWL) a small logo for the competition would be displayed rather than simply text. If this field was left blank it would not show up.

Also I was wondering how we are going to decide how long and what articles should be fe…

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BoatsAreRockable BoatsAreRockable 30 December 2014

2015 Admin and Design Tasks

Back when we adopted this wiki a list of tasks post adoption was created. I've done most of the code related stuff but there's a few design and wiki administrative stuff I think we should sort out sometime soon. I'm aware we're all probably busy with the holiday season (and THAC, BiM doc, work etc) but I think it would be good if we discussed and made a rough time scale to when we want to push out the things below and ultimately go public with this wiki to the BiM community.

Obvious some the tasks will take longer than others but I see this as planning for this wiki's 2015. I hope we can discuss this all via the mibbit chat or in the comments section below.

People Working On It
Planned Start Time
Aimed Completion Time
Task Progress

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Sillypenta Sillypenta 15 December 2014

Two notes

I am using the old brickfilmer infobox when I feel the director should not be red linked and all there is to say about them will be on that one film page, e.g. Journey to the Moon. Also, I would suggest not following capitalisation seen on YouTube video titles if it is irregular. We were talking a bit about this with En Rejse til Månen but there will be other examples, such as KG's films only being in all-caps to get more views. I think we should use standard capitalisation unless the film titles or another reference explicitly state otherwise.

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Sillypenta Sillypenta 14 December 2014

Automatic redirects for aliases?

Hey, this new category auto-sort in the infoboxes is very nice and it's gotten me wondering: would it be at all possible to have the names in 'Also known as' automatically create redirect pages? It would save a lot of tedious work.

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Rockydude411 Rockydude411 9 December 2014

Should Cashman be classified as a series?

I was looking at BoatsAreRockable's user page on the wiki, and on his To Do List he asked if Cashman should be classified as a series? I personally think it shouldn't since it's a trilogy. What do you guys think?

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BoatsAreRockable BoatsAreRockable 23 November 2014

Main page redesign feedback

As you may have already seen I've just made my first attempt at redesigning the wiki 'main page'. I don't consider it finished yet and welcome feedback via comments on this blog post or on my message wall.

Tell me what, if anything, needs adding or removing and how I can make this page visually look better.

One thing I would like to get round to is creating thumbnails as backgrounds for each of the (currently golden) category boxes.

- BoatsAreRockable (talk) 00:54, November 23, 2014 (UTC)

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BoatsAreRockable BoatsAreRockable 23 November 2014

This wiki was successfully adopted!

NathanWells was successful in adopting this wiki! Suggestions on what should be done with the admin rights may be added to Brickfilms Wiki:Tasks post adoption. Discussion about the wiki in general will eventually be dealt with on this wiki's forum or a thread on

Since the new era of this wiki is pretty short we are yet to properly develop editing guidelines or policies. If you are unsure whether you're doing something right or not, go ahead with it and as long as you're acting in 'good faith' one of our admins will be very happy to give you a hand. This wiki's new admins are:

  • NathanWells (also bureaucrat)
  • Sillypenta
  • BoatsAreRockable

Best of luck editing and thanks for helping us out!

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NathanWells NathanWells 3 November 2014

Hoping to Adopt this Wiki

Hello The Brickfilms Wiki!

I am hoping to adopt this wiki. It has been inactive for some time, until recently, when a few of us have gotten together to contribute. The current admin, Lortoniipa , hasn't been active since 2009.

Please let me know your thoughts, everyone! If everyone is okay with this, I will officially submit my request to adopt in a week.

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