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Blambo: Part II, also known by its full title The Chronicles of Blambo Part II: The Epic Battle of Ameripan vs Super Chindia - Special Edition Director's Cut, is a 2005 comedy action brickfilm by Elle Dwight and Ian Hirschfeld.[1] Though the film is entitled 'part II', there is no part I, presumably due to it parodying Rambo: First Blood Part II in particular. A sequel titled Blambo: Part III was in production in 2005 and 2006, but was not finished.[2]


In the year 7315, two great nations fight: Ameripan and Super Chindia. The super soldier Blambo is sent to defeat Super Chindia once and for all. After being briefed, Blambo jumps out of a plane and destroys enemy planes and paratroopers as he skydives without a parachute. Blambo rides a missile and lands with an explosion in a pile of debris. Blambo fights off enemies and destroys a tank before rescuing and kissing Judy Knockertocker. Finally, Blambo destroys the factory.

The evil Suk-So-Mooch flies away in a jet but Blambo jumps on, rips off the windscreen, and sword fights with Suk-So-Mooch. Suk-So-Mooch is punched off of the jet but lives. However, his taunts are cut short by a nearby grenade. With the dictator Suk-So-Mooch dead, capitalism spreads throughout the world. Well, except for Russia.


  • Elle Dwight as Narrator, Blambo, Commander
  • Ian Hirschfeld as Suk-So-Mooch
  • Stefan Gaschott as Judy Knockertocker


  • Elle Dwight - Director, Writer, Sound Design, Music
  • Ian Hirschfeld - Director, Animator
  • Craig Mullins - Background Art


Year Competition Category Result
2005 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts[3] Best Sound Design Nominated
Best Voice Acting Performance Nominated
2006 Lakes Region Video Festival[4] Best of Show Won
Best Animation Won
MWV Family Film Festival Best All Around Won
People's Choice Won
High School Animation 1st place