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Blackout is a 2011 action brickfilm by Jackson "Aftermath" Abascal.[1][2] It follows a group of three special ops forces who have been tasked with killing a weapons dealer in his mansion.[3] It was created for the 2011 Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest, in which it won third place.


A multi-millionaire who supplies illegal weapons to enemy countries and takes great measures to hide his identity has been tracked to his place of residence, and a group of three special ops forces meet near his mansion with the mission to kill him. The leader of the three approaches the mansion gate, avoiding sniper fire. He breaks through the gate and the other two follow into the mansion.

Inside, a man attempts to sneak up to attack the forces, but is taken out. A battle breaks out in the mansion and many more men are subdued. The forces head upstairs to find the weapons dealer, and bomb their way into his room. One of them reads a note left on his bed that anticipated their arrival and states that the dealer has been hiding in plain sight. The leader of the trio says it means he was hiding, before shooting the other two men and stating he isn't hiding any more.[3]