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Black versus Yellow is a 2001 drama brickfilm by Russ Jensen.[1] It is about two figures who are different colors, who fight.[2] When was receiving early media coverage, Black versus Yellow was one of the films that received some attention, for portraying racism in a brickfilm.


A black figure and a yellow figure approach each other, and both declare that they hate the other for no reason. The pair begin to fight. A multi-colored figure arrives and asks why they are fighting, and they respond that they hate each other but don't actually know why. They continue to fight, but the multi-colored figure thinks of a cure for their hatred. It takes out two swords and cuts the figures into pieces before reassembling them using both color of parts for each. They see that they are now both black and yellow, and so they stop hating each other.[2]

In the media[]

Black versus Yellow gained some coverage in the media when brickfilming was receiving attention as an emerging film medium. The New York Times published the article "TECHNOLOGY IN ART; Filmmakers Send a Message With Lego as the Medium" on November 15, 2001, which focused on serious subjects and adult content in brickfilms. This included a section on Black versus Yellow for its take on racism using LEGO.[3]

"The way I portrayed it is kind of silly, but I don't think it's any more or less silly than it is in real life."
- Russ Jensen

Deutsche Welle ( published the article "Minifig Movies" on January 24, 2002, which presented a more all-encompassing overview of brickfilming, and mentioned Black versus Yellow and its message in the section "Bricks with a social conscious".[4]