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Black and Blue is a 2011 brickfilm by Stephen Burchell.[1][2] It follows two men who can change the colors of walls by touching them, and battle to decide the color of one wall.[3] It was created for the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 9, and won second place. In 2014, it was a finalist in the Cine Brick Short Bricks competition.[4]


A man dressed in blue walks down a blue hallway. When he encounters a white wall, he touches it and the color blue washes over it. At the other end, a man dressed in black arrives from a black hallway. He touches the now blue wall, and black washes over it. The two men repeatedly touch the wall to turn it back to their respective color. They both begin touching the wall rapidly, and the colors battle in the middle. There is an explosion sound, and the men are sent flying backwards. They look at the wall, and both smile when they see it is now a mixture of black and blue.[3]