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This film contains content that may be considered not safe for work. Viewer discretion is advised.

Black Stormtrooper: Episode III - Keysha and Jamal is a 2013 comedy Star Wars brickfilm by Donald Faison. It is the third film in the Black Stormtrooper series, and follows Black Stormtrooper's brother, the Jedi Jamal, hiring a crew of smugglers to help him search for Black Stormtrooper, while also having to deal with his nagging Jedi girlfriend, Keysha.[1] It is currently the latest brickfilm in the series, though Faison has continued to occasionally post brickfilm test animations in subsequent years.




  • Donald Faison - Director, Story, Animator
  • David Guerrero - Sound guy
  • Mike Fasolo - Writer
  • Richard Van As - Special effects, Sets
  • Yaoyao Ma Van As - Faces, Storyboards


Black Stormtrooper series
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