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Black Knight is a 2003 sci-fi action comedy brickfilm by Richard A. Creel. It is a mash-up of Star Wars and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, parodying the well-known Black Knight scene.[1] It was Creel's first brickfilm.[2]


The Jedi knight Arthur witnesses a black knight use the force and a lightsaber to defeat a foe. Arthur tells the black knight he is seeking those strong in the force to join the Jedi. The black knight remains silent until Arthur eventually attempts to pass, which the black knight does not allow.

The disagreement eventually leads to a lightsaber duel. Arthur cuts one of the black knight's arms off, but the knight insists on fighting. Once Arthur gets the other arm off, he proclaims victory, but the black knight tries to continue the fight and kicks at Arthur. Arthur eventually takes both his legs off and beheads him. As Arthur continues on his way, the black knight mocks him for leaving the fight.[1]


  • Richard A. Creel - Director
  • Sci-Fi 3D - 3D models
  • Andreas Jacobsson - Death Star Corridor and Death Star 2 Shaft original models