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Black & White is an adventure brickfilm by H. M. Steadman, believed to have originally been from 2011. It follows two rivals named Black and White who are fighting to prove whose color is better in their monochromatic world, but who manage to fall off the edge of their world into Colorville, and must work together to evade monsters and return home.[1] It is the earliest known brickfilm by Steadman, and it was edited with Windows Movie Maker with over 14,000 frames having to be individually dragged to the required length.[2] Since 2017, Steadman has been teasing a sequel, The Color War, which has been pushed back multiple times.



  • H. M. Steadman as Black, White, Green zombies, Red natives, Darth Vader cronies, Darth Vader, The Devil girl, The Emperor, The Sharkman, Yoda, The troll
  • Chad Steadman as Green zombies, Red natives, Darth Vader cronies, Stormtrooper, The Devil girl, The Spaceman, Naked man, Purple hat man


  • H. M. Steadman - Writer, Director, Producer, Editor
  • Chad Steadman - Creative consultant, Additional music
  • Stephen Smart - Music