Biff and Mario
Biff Feedback and Mario Stradivarius in Bork
Created by
Dave Lennie
  • Comedy
  • Adventure


No. of installments
6 main; 13 overall
First release
Latest release

Breaking News

October 3, 2004

The Biff and Mario series is a series of brickfilms created by Andy Boyer and Dave Lennie, written by Boyer and starring Lennie. The series follows Biff Feedback and Mario Stradivarius, and their journeys in search of girls, food, or otherwise. It is one of the very earliest known brickfilm series, starting in 1989. It is also one of the longest running, with a span of 15 years.

Main films Edit

Oh Well (1989) Edit

Biff and Mario embark on a quest to locate a "fabulous babe" who has been haunting their dreams.

TE (1990) Edit

On another adventure in search of girls, Biff and Mario become wrapped up in a murder-mystery.

Heart of Darkness (1995) Edit


Taco Trouble (2003) Edit

Mario embarks on a journey to rescue the kidnapped Biff and Savannah from the somewhat evil Doktor X.[1]

Bork (2004) Edit

A visit to a nice restaurant comes close to being spoiled when Biff begins to hurl unwarranted insults.

Breaking News (2004) Edit

Biff and Mario witness the return of Jesus Christ, who is preaching on a street corner.

Other films featuring Biff and Mario Edit

The Original Movie (1985) Edit

This early animation by Dave Lennie features the first appearance of Biff and Mario, although they are not identified by name and Biff wears a different hat.

America's Funniest Home Videos (1990) Edit

The show America's Funniest Home Videos plays a clip of Mario destroying Biff's new car, which wins them the show's ten billion dollar prize. They are also seen working in the studio of the show.

Medieval Times (1991) Edit

In a jousting contest, Mario provides assistance to knight Sir Geoffrey, who is jousting to win the attention of "Lady" Savannah. Biff appears in the audience.

The Humpin' LEGOs (1995) Edit

Mario humps Biff.

LEGO Slate #1 (1996) Edit

Mario and Biff read for LEGO Action News.

LEGO Slate #2 (1996) Edit

Mario and three reporters finish reporting the news and promptly engage in after-work activites with the film crew.

Johnny Cash: Were You There (2001) Edit

Johnny Cash sings about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which Mario and Biff are shown to be present at.

References Edit

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