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Bert Loos is a Dutch brickfilmer. He is best known for the cult brickfilms Onorno and Da Europeans.[1][2] He is a major contributor to the Brickfilm Archival Project, having compiled archives of the available brickfilms in the second directory and the Bricks in Motion directory in the late 2000s.


Year Title Notes
2004 The Dead Ninja[3][4]
2004 Fight movie #1
2004 New years greetings
2005 AnimatorDV Contest Entry AnimatorDV Commercial Contest entry
2005 AFeB Anne Frank in Bricks Challenge entry
2005 About Rapunzel Rapunzel and About a Door parody
2005 Onorno Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest entry
2005 TWT: 67
2005 Da Europeans: Part I Co-production with Roland Szentesi
2006 Happy Birthday, Auntie Trien
2006 Psychedelically Random
2006 Christmas With BertL X [5]
2007 Harbinger Dictionary Series film
2007 Storyline Buildup Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 3 entry
2007 Da Europeans: The Unfinished Project Co-production with Roland Szentesi
2008 Epic Encore teaser
2009 Epic Encore trailer
2010 Bike
2010 Standoff
2011 Stranded Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 9 entry
2018 Halfway There Seventy-two Hour Animation Contest entry
2019 Treasure Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVI entry
2021 Ozornot Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVIII entry
2023 Reise zum Berg "Peak" | Journey to Mount "Gipfel" Community project coordinated by "JO Co"
Steinerei 2023 entry