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The Ben and Andy series is a series of brickfilms created by and starring Zach Macias. It is a dynamic duo brickfilm series that follows the lives of protagonists Ben and Andy, two friends who experience both the mundane and extraordinary. It is one of the longest-running brickfilm series.


  • The Bad Day (2005)
    Andy describes the bad day he has been having to Ben.[2]
  • Feel Great (2006)
    A crossover with Nathan Wells' characters Alex and Derrick. Ben takes a bite of a Nutti-Grain bar, and gets extremely hyped. He runs through the city and encounters Derrick, Alex, and finally Andy.[4]
  • Social Experiment (2008)
    Ben and Andy set up a social experiment, testing how music sets the tone for a horror movie. [7]
  • A Christmas Caper (2014)
    Ben is brought in for questioning after a series of robberies takes place.[8]
  • Resolute (2015)
    Ben makes a number of new year's resolutions, the longevity of which are doubted by Andy.[9]
  • Dayjà Vu (2021)
    Andy mysteriously finds himself in places that seem to bring back memories.
  • ARC Port (2023)
    Over the phone, Ben helps Andy with connections into his TV.
  • Ben & Andy Do Barbenheimer (2023)
    Also known as Another Day at the Theater. Ben and Andy dress up for a Barbie and Oppenheimer double feature.

Other Films Featuring Ben and Andy[]

While several other brickfilms have featured Ben and Andy, they are not considered a part of the Ben and Andy series, either because they are cameos, such as Beast, or Ben and Andy are pulled out of their normal environment, such as The Laws of Sir Isaac Newton.


Ben and Andy in Flashbacks

  • Flashbacks (2007)
    In this brickfilm by Nathan Wells, Ben and Andy make a cameo waiting in line for a Star Wars convention, dressed up as R2-D2 and C-3PO, respectively.
  • Diatribe/Malapropos (2007)
    In between this double feature by Macias and Nathan Wells[11] is a trailer featuring Ben and Andy for a film called Dear Cousin, which ultimately was never released.
  • Gears of Solace (2009)
    In this Gears of War 2 parody, Ben and Andy appear at the end as the players of the game.
  • Patreon Promo (2013)
    Ben and Andy appear briefly to ask Zach Macias if he will ever make another video starring them as they have not appeared together in five years.[12]


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