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Ben Brenninkmeyer is an American brickfilmer known for films including Girl, Descension, Mummy, and Kerouac.[1] He became known for recurring themes of spirituality throughout his films and for his early use of relatively complex digital effects.[2]


(Note: This list does not include various brief animations created between late 2001 and early 2002 as part of the Fight Club fad on the forum, all of which are missing.)

Year Title Notes
2001 Joust[3]
2001 Breakfast of Zen
2001 Work and Pray
2001 Brickfilms Director's Project - Group 1 X (Minute 1) Co-production with Jason Statham, Seth Rotkin, and Tjeerd Kamps[4]
2001 Lega Wars Classical Movie Contest entry
2001 Girl
2002 Mummy[5]
2002 Kerouac Historical Fiction Contest Best Animation winner
2002 Ninja Thief
2002 LEGO Wars BrickFest 2002 Star Wars Trailer Competition entry[6]
2002 Descension Horror Animation Contest entry
2002 Prayer of Rabia
2003 Wake Up[7] BrickFest 2003 Music Video Competition entry[8]
2003 The Angel and the Monk Words of Wisdom Contest entry[9]
2004 Gun[10]