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This film contains content that may be considered not safe for work. Viewer discretion is advised.

Ben is a 2007 horror brickfilm by Kim Gohlich. It follows a man who awakes in a dystopia, badly injured and suffering from amnesia.[1] It is known for its intense blood and gore, including use of modified LEGO pieces.[2] The original upload of the film was deleted as Gohlich intended to remake the film, but it was reuploaded when he decided against this idea. In 2010, he mentioned a new plan to remake the film, but this plan also did not come to be.[3]



On June 28, 2008, Gohlich released a short film titled Memories, which ties in with Ben. It shows Ben before he lost his arm, and an expanded version of one of Ben's brief flashbacks. The person who is seen being killed is the main character from Gohlich's first brickfilm, Over the Apple Tree, Under the Hill.[4]