Battle of the Brick: Built for Combat
A red marine is approached by blue troops
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Released November 11, 2011
  • Action
  • Science fiction
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Language English

Battle of the Brick: Built for Combat is a 2011 sci-fi action-war brickfilm by Alex Kobbs. It is based on Halo, and follows a battle between the blue and red teams on Zanzibar.[1] It was in production for six years. It is one of the brickfilms with the highest number of views on YouTube, with over 75 million on the GameTrailers channel upload as of 2019.

Plot Edit

Crew Edit

  • Alex Kobbs - Director, Animator, Special effects, Sound editor
  • Dan Prostak - Special effects
  • Nick Novotny - Color correction
  • Liam Morgan, Michael Freund, Keith Busby, Linda Laska, Bryan Delz - Brick donators
  • BrickArms - Weapon donators
  • Armita (Tex), Cryptic Inc. - Help with sound effect recording and locating
  • Brian Doherty, Chris Freund,, Joe Marine, Joe Tornatore, Jon Stephen Krasner, Linda Laska, Michael Freund, Michael "Zak" Lee, Mike Buaf, Mom and Dad, Paul Concemi, Thomas Kobbs, Urban Reflex, Will Chapman - Special thanks

Production Edit

From 2005[2] to 2007, Alex Kobbs built a large LEGO recreation of the Halo 2 multiplayer map Zanzibar, which in and of itself received some attention from websites such as, Kotaku, and Engadget, and was showcased on the Halo 3: Legendary Edition bonus disc.[3] Kobbs had planned that when he finished the set, he would create a long stop-motion animation film using it, and had written the script before the set was halfway complete. In January 2009, he released a teaser trailer for "The LEGO Zanzibar Movie", and initially planned to release the film in Summer 2009.[4] The film was pushed back multiple times, and was eventually finished in July 2011.[5] Rather than upload it himself immediately, Kobbs entered discussions on how best to release and promote the film. Battle of the Brick: Built for Combat premiered on the website GameTrailers on November 11, 2011.[6] It was uploaded to Kobbs' YouTube channel the following day, but it received the most attention on YouTube via a December 1 YouTube upload on the GameTrailers YouTube channel.

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