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Batman Reassembled is a 2011 superhero brickfilm directed by Caleb Christofer and animated by Seth Christofer. It is about The Joker playing his ultimate prank on Gotham City, involving the other notorious villains from Arkham Asylum.[1] It is the sequel to Batman Rebuilt from 2008.[2]



  • Brenon Christofer as Joker, Batman/Bruce Wayne, Bob Baker
  • Joseph S. Wagner as Penguin, Two-Face, The Riddler
  • Drake Miller as Nightwing/Robin/Dick Grayson
  • Michael A. Evans as Commissioner Gordon, Thugs, Guard
  • Raphael Lloyd McKinney as Killer Croc, Thugs
  • Esmeralda Alvarez as Reporters, Children


  • Caleb Christofer - Writer, Director, Editor
  • Esmeralda Christofer - Producer
  • Seth Christofer - Animator, Special thanks
  • Patrick O'Malley - Composer[3]
  • Ed Stroh - Sound recorder and engineer, Special thanks
  • Michael A. Evans, Infrastructure Productions, Ray Gallardo, Steve Froehlich, Esmeralda Alvarez - Special thanks