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Batman Metamorphosis is a 2008 superhero brickfilm by Dave Thomas.[1] It is a feature length brickfilm,[2] and follows the strained relationship between Batman and Robin as they are attempting to deal with a new villain, in addition to multiple familiar ones. It is the sequel to Batman Deception from 2006. For a number of years, it was considered to be a missing brickfilm, as the original YouTube upload has been deleted[3] and other websites that hosted the film are no longer online. The film was located in 2019.[4]



  • Dave Thomas as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Scarecrow, Joker, Mr. Freeze, Circus announcer, Arkham guard 1, Punk teenager 2, Male ninja 1
  • Luke Siler as Robin/Nightwing/Dick Grayson, Bane, John Grayson, Male ninja 2
  • Tyler Hogan as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Rebecca Wood as Poison Ivy
  • Corinne Rogers as Barbara Gordon
  • Zak Kimball as Commissioner James Gordon
  • Jessica Williams as Catwoman
  • Sean Pleasanton as Two-Face
  • Matt Freeman as Penguin
  • Rick Barr as Riddler
  • Neil Thomas as Killer Croc
  • Nate Reisinger as Jason Todd
  • Jerome Phillips as Dark Knight
  • Sandy Swyka Bat Computer, Female ninja
  • Steven Lausier as Bank teller
  • Ezekiel Preston as Charity announcer
  • Matt Morris as Arkham guard 2
  • Thomas Edward Dorton as Cop
  • Ray Andrews as Costumed cop
  • Ellice Johnson as Audience member
  • Geoff Creeden as Punk teenager 1
  • Shannon Siler as Waitress
  • Chelsea Trader as Dream woman


  • Dave Thomas - Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, Animator, Main designer, Construction
  • Luke Siler - Writer
  • "Fat Tony" - R-Cycle design
  • Sandy Swyka - Additional construction
  • Zak Kimball, Jerome Phillips, Ray Andrews, Luke Siler - Additional material supply