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Batman Deception is a 2006 superhero brickfilm by Dave Thomas.[1] It is about Batman having to deal with multiple Arkham Asylum breakouts, and investigating a powerful new element that has been brought to the attention of Wayne Industries. It was followed by a feature length sequel, Batman Metamorphosis, in 2008. For a number of years, it was considered to be a missing brickfilm, as the websites that originally hosted it are no longer online.[2][3] It was located in 2019.[4]



  • Dave Thomas as Batman/Bruce Wayne, The Joker, Mr. Freeze, Cell mate, Cop 1
  • Patrick Efird as Two-Face
  • Adam Skrivan as The Penguin
  • Neil Thomas as Killer Croc
  • Jessica Williams as Catwoman
  • Cameron Wilson as Main Villain, The Joker thug, Robots
  • Jonathan Horne as Commissioner Gordon, Alfred
  • Nick Menchaca as Two-Face thug, Gotham citizens
  • Micah Francis as Mr. Freeze thug, Gotham citizens
  • John Laaman as Worker 1, Gotham citizens
  • Jerome Phillips as Worker 2
  • John Somerville as Worker 3, Gotham citizens
  • Andrew Baxley as Worker 4, Cop 2
  • David Nielson as Gotham citizens
  • Jim Norris as Gotham citizens
  • Nick Thornton as Gotham citizens


  • Dave Thomas - Director, Producer, Writer, Animator
  • Patrick Efird - Consultant