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Batman: The Case of the Killer Croc, also known as LEGO BATMAN: Killer Croc, is a 2018 Batman brickfilm by "BrickTavernFilms". It follows Batman and Robin as they make an effort to track down Killer Croc, who has been kidnapping citizens.[1] It is the tenth film in BrickTavernFilms' LEGO Batman series. It was followed by Batman: Poison Ivy in 2024.



  • Joel Hunter as Detective McGonigle
  • "FlapJack Films" as Jerry the robber
  • Jackson Trent as Killer Croc
  • Brian Random as Sailor McPuffkins
  • Audrey Bacon as News reporter
  • Zach Keller as Diner cook
  • "TheLegoDirector" as Arkham guard
  • "BrickTavernFilms" as everyone else


  • Alex of BrickTavernFilms - Animator[2]
  • Phil of BrickTavernFilms - Editor
  • "FrozenLakeFilms" - Special thanks


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