Batman: Revenge
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Jonathan Markiewitz
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Batman: Revenge is a 2003 superhero brickfilm by Jonathan Markiewitz.[1] It takes inspiration from Batman Forever and the Tim Burton Batman films, and it is about The Riddler escaping from Arkham Asylum and seeking revenge on Gotham City.[2] It is the first documented brickfilm based on Batman, years before there were official LEGO sets of the property.

The first cut was the 2003 original which did not include sound effects and had a running time over 18 minutes as it included many special scenes and bonus features. The online release in 2004 had a running time of 14:09 as it did not include as much bonus footage. Another was released in January 2005 with a running time of 11:54, one of two versions not including bonus footage. Batman: Revenge (Special Edition) was released in September 2006 which shortened the film to 6:12 as a streamlined alternate to the 11:54 release, adding sound effects and color correction.[3]

Plot Edit

Convicted supervillain The Riddler manages to escape from Arkham Asylum with plans to take revenge on Gotham City. Bruce Wayne spots the Bat-Signal and suits-up as Batman. The Riddler and his goons begin a crime spree, mugging the citizens of Gotham while introducing a new, deadly machine. Batman arrives on the scene, but The Riddler manage

In Gotham City, there are clues to The Riddler's possible return thus fulfilling his greatest riddle of all.[2]

Awards Edit

Year Competition Category Result
2003 Independefilms Film Awards[4] Best Director Won

Features in the media Edit

Batman: Revenge was featured in Fan Films Quarterly, BrickJournal, and an issue of Total Film Magazine (ranked 3rd out of the 50 coolest viral videos),[5] as well as on various Batman fan sites and film sites on the internet such as BatmanFanFilms.Com, BatmobileHistory.Com, Batman: Yesterday, Today, and Beyond, Living Corpse, Fanboy Theater, and Fan Film Follies[6] among other popular sites at the time. Infuze Magazine stated, "it might just be the ultimate fan-made film."[7].

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