Batman: New Times
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Jeff Scheetz and William Vaughan
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Batman: New Times is a 2005 superhero brickfilm by The Digital Animation & Visual Effects (DAVE) School graduating class of December 2004, written and directed by Jeff Scheetz and William Vaughan. It is about The Joker returning to Gotham with an evil plan on New Year's Eve.[1] It is a CG brickfilm and features character models based on Minimates, rather than LEGO minifigures. The inspiration to create the project as a brickfilm came from seeing The Peril of Doc Ock by Spite Your Face Productions.

Notably, the film includes original voice acting from Adam West and Mark Hamill, reprising their iconic roles as Batman and The Joker, respectively (and likely the only time the two have overlapped in these roles). It also features Courtney Thorne-Smith as Catwoman and Dick Van Dyke as Commissioner Gordon.[2]

A trailer for the film was available online in 2004, and the release date of the film was listed as December 25, 2004. The film was then pushed back to mid-January 2005.[3] It is unclear when exactly the full film became available, but a forum thread suggests that an unfinished version was initially available before being replaced with the finished version by March 2005.

The film attracted the attention of Marvel, who then worked in association with The DAVE School to create a short film featuring Marvel Minimates, released in 2006.[4] The resulting film, X-Men: Darktide, does not utilize brick-based scenery, however.

Plot Edit


Cast Edit

  • Adam West as Batman
  • Mark Hamill as The Joker
  • Courtney Thorne-Smith as Catwoman
  • Dick Van Dyke as Commissioner Gordon
  • Alan Shearman as Alfred
  • Chrissy Kiehl as Harley Quinn
  • Anne Scheetz as Fiona Vost
  • Joshua "Autokey" Adams as Robin
  • Sean "Valfaroth" Fitzsimmons as Harvey Bullock
  • Additional voices by the Class of December 2004

Credits Edit

Written and directed by:

  • Jeff Scheetz
  • William Vaughan

Sound production by Sound"O"Rama Studios:

  • Kays Al-Atrakchi - Music composer
  • K.C. Ladnier - Sound designer, Music producer
  • Mark Kauffman - Sound editor

Minimates C3 Batman designs:

  • Art Asylum

Digital animation & visual effects:

  • Joshua "Autokey" Adams
  • Christin Ayala
  • Mark Bekedam
  • Troy Berube
  • Doug Brown
  • James "25-11" Burton IV
  • Wing Lung Choong
  • Gerald Deitch
  • Dan Dod
  • Christopher Dozier
  • Thomas Farrar
  • Sean "Valfaroth" Fitzsimmons
  • Miguel Garcia
  • Jonathan Guggenheim
  • Tim Iacobucci
  • Omar "The Virus" Jamal
  • Valerie Lawson
  • Michelle Leach
  • Mason Mastroianni
  • Larry Moore
  • Eder Navas
  • Omid Nouri
  • Alejandro Parrilla Pereira
  • Steve "MEAT" Primeau
  • Alfredo Scheker Peral
  • Paul Stewart

School founders and co-owners:

  • Jeff Scheetz
  • Anne Scheetz

Editor and assistant to the director:

  • Ivan "The Machine" Young

DAVE School instructors:

  • Tom Henry
  • Dave West
  • Chris Nelson
  • Sam Mendoza
  • William "Proton" Vaughan

School administrator:

  • Jennifer Spragg

Director of IT:

  • Scott Kingston

IT assistant:

  • Kyle Christensen

Lighting consultant:

  • Nick Boughen

Story boards:

  • Mark Simon
  • Renee Perez

Voice director:

  • Michael Hack

Additional voice over recording:

  • Salami Studios Audio Post

Additional Gotham citizens:

  • Class of July, 2005

Batman: New Times powered by:

  • NewTek LightWave 3D
  • Daz3D Mimic
  • BOXX Technologies

Website & promotional design:

  • Steve Primeau

Special thanks:

  • Jonny Gorden for sharing his vast knowledge
  • Friends and family

References Edit

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