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Batman's Day Off is a 2011 Batman parody brickfilm by Paul Hollingsworth. It follows Commissioner Gordon repeatedly calling Batman about a villain breakout, which Batman ignores as he tries to enjoy his day off.[1] It was created for the LEGO Super Heroes Challenge, and was one of two first place winners in the November bracket, along with Batman: Out of Character by Kris Theorin and Kurtis Theorin.[2]



  • Paul Hollingsworth as Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Joker, Penguin, Mr. Freeze
  • David Kelly as Robin, Superman
  • Kelli-Rae Coughlin as Harley Quinn
  • Greg Butner as Caveman Link


  • Paul Hollingsworth - Writer, Director, Editor, Animator, Visual effects
  • Greg Butner - Director of photography, Visual effects
  • Brent McDonald - Animator, Visual effects
  • Voodoo Highway Music & Post - Music & post
  • Bertalan Nagy - Behind the scenes camera operator